About Adult Education

So, if you want to be an active parent ...

Imagine a place where you can go WITH your pre-school child, learn about child development, positive guidance, supporting play, communicating and cooperating with children and other adults for FREE, and by doing this training, ACHIEVE a NZQA approved qualification that you could ALSO use outside Playcentre for employment after your tamariki finish there, welcome to Playcentre Education!

Playcentre Education is our very own Tertiary Private Training Establishment.

Please refer to our most recent NZQA rating below.

NZQA Statement 2016.

Playcentre Education has been rated as Category 1:

  • Highly confident in the education performance
  • Highly confident in capability and self assessment

External Evaluative Review, 2016

Playcentre Education ProgrammesOld Programme of Study

The Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education

This is an expiring qualification – There are no new entries to Courses 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Information for students already formally enrolled i.e. those that submitted written work in Courses 2,3,4,5 or 6 of this programme before 1 Dec 2017.

To receive recognition for modules and/or Courses in the expiring programme ALL requirements must be met by 1 Dec 2019

The two key messages are: –

  • complete modules you have begun (because a completed module will be the smallest unit of credit when transferring to the new programme)
  • complete courses you have begun (because completed courses 2 and 3 will be valid for licensing as usual until the end of a transition period (probably for 3 years) currently being negotiated with the Ministry of Education. Courses 4, 5 and 6 will have on-going licensing recognition beyond the transition period to the new licensing agreement which will also use qualifications from the new education programme.

Deadlines apply for those already formally enrolled students wishing to move up to Course 3 or 4 in the programme after finishing the Course 2 or 3 that they are currently working on. The last date for starting Course 3 or Course 4 is 29 March 2018 (the last day of term 1, 2018) and you must have submitted some written work for all modules in the course by 1 December 2018. Then finish all requirements by 1 Dec 2019.

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During 2018 Playcentre Education will be introducing a new programme

Students who are currently formally enrolled in the expiring qualification will be able to transfer to the new programme. It is best to transfer once you have completed the Course 2 or Course 3 you are working on.

Those who are new to Playcentre or who did not submit written work for Course 2 by 1 Dec 2017 will also be able to enter the new programme when it is available.

The new level 4 certificate programme will be gradually introduced during 2018 starting with the first two modules which make up the Playcentre Introductory Award (PIA). Then, as the first students achieve the PIA, delivery of the next two modules which make up the Playcentre Educator Award will begin. As we gain momentum the number of workshops on offer will increase. It will obviously take quite some time to rollout the whole new level 4 programme while still serving the needs of students finishing the old programme.

The new programme structure is quite different to the old programme and familiar topics are treated differently. For example, the level 4 certificate is not a new version of Course 4.

The diagram below of the new programmes is our future vision for the Playcentre Education programmes. For the first few years we will be focused on the level 4 certificate. It is likely to be at least three years before we start to focus on the level 5 Diploma.

The Ultimate Vision for the New Programme of Study

Level 4 Certificate Overview Level 5 Diploma Overview