What is Playcentre?

Playcentre philosophy is based on child-initiated play and recognises the parents as the first and best educators of their own children. Playcentre families receive a unique early childhood experience with opportunities for whanau/families to learn together.

Playcentre offers a programme of education for whanau/parents that emphasises parenting and early childhood education including learning in child development, play and learning, parenting skills, planning and delivering early childhood education, facilitation and management skills.

Unique within the early childhood sector, Playcentres are cooperatively managed by parents with support from experienced Association and Federation personnel.

How Do Playcentre Sessions Run?

Sessions are run by parents, either as a group/whole (group supervision) or a specified team (team supervision) with or without a Supervisor dependent on the Playcentre.

Session hours can vary between 2 ½ to 4 hours.

The ratio of adults to children ranges from 1:5 to 1:3.

Once children are settled and at a certain age, most Playcentres allow them to attend without their parents for one or more sessions a week.

Playcentres are free to set their own charges and these vary throughout the country.

Each Playcentre offers three free visits, so come along for a visit and see what we’re all about.

'Playcentre is the village that helps raise the child. Through Playcentre we learn how to observe our children and understand that play is learning and how we can extend that play and therefore learning; it gives us confidence that we are the best first educators of our children and this is achieved in a social, supportive fun environment! My children love Playcentre and I have met and made many friends. I feel privileged to be able to belong to a community where I can stay with my children and watch them go through the process of learning rather than just seeing the end product; I get to be part of their day, their play, their learning.' - Parent

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