Principles and Values

Tangata Whenua Core Principles

In terms of relevance for Playcentre, Rangatiratanga refers to governance of the organisation, leadership in achieving objectives and guardianship of the kaupapa.
Mana gives essence, strength and meaning to all whanau and personnel of Playcentre, to ensure all tamariki continue to learn and grow in their environment. Mana is the means by which a person or organisation maintains its clarity of vision and purpose.
Playcentres will operate in a manner that promotes caring, nurturing and sharing in order to grow as a whanau with aroha and understanding. Whanaungatanga encourages co-operation and unity to achieve goals and objectives.
Wairuatanga (Spiritual Wellbeing)
Where a Playcentre whanau takes on board the above ownership (governance) of the organisation, leadership to play, work, learn and grow together, and guardianship of the kaupapa does ensure the spiritual wellbeing of all its whanau members.

Tangata Whenua Values
Kaitiakitanga Guardianship of the kaupapa/objectives and purpose
Aroha Always treating everyone with respect, honour and love
Manaakitanga Caring, nurturing, sharing, encouraging and supporting everyone
Te Reo Language is key for communication; all languages will be heard
Maramatanga Working to find understanding and clarity in all areas of Playcentre
Tika Correctness in terms of Playcentre objectives and purpose
Pono Honesty and truth in all

Tangata Tiriti Values

Generosity of Spirit

  • Accepting people for who they are, having confidence in others
  • Tolerating difference, not judging others by our own standards
  • Taking care of others, doing what they need
  • Sharing knowledge/skills without expecting anything in return
  • Putting others ahead of self, being someone others can rely on
  • Forgiving


  • Valuing all contributions
  • Treating people as they should be treated
  • Embracing diversity — of talent, of ability, of culture...
  • Respecting the environment
  • Respecting cultural traditions, beliefs
  • Respecting the inherent value and dignity of each person


  • Reliability, commitment to Playcentre
  • Exercising self-control, discipline
  • Accepting responsibility and giving our best effort
  • Perseverance, learning from mistakes


  • Caring for people
  • Building esteem in self and others
  • Nurturing a sense of inclusiveness, of being a community
  • Belonging


  • Being trusted and trustworthy
  • Being honest in all interactions
  • Keeping our word, able to be counted on to do what is required
  • Acting in a manner that is fair and just for all
  • Courage to do the right thing


  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Building confidence in learners
  • Communicating — sharing information, open dialogue, talking to people rather than about people
  • Achievement - completion of tasks, acknowledgement of contributions/effort