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At Koutu Playcentre we have a warm and inviting community feel. All ages work together to achieve a common play goal – while Parents, Whanau and Caregivers support play, through equipment, language and resources. Our deck with child height sink allows children to be outside all year round, and a good sized sandpit means lots of possibilities. Indoors and outdoors we encourage everywhere to be explored, and regularly move our centre around to suit current play patterns or seasons. We encourage visitors to enjoy the 5 visits available to them before enrolling; use them across all of our sessions, as each has its own unique vibe. We run during the term time as well as Holiday sessions which allows our graduates to come and re-live their well missed for Playcentre days. **Q & A** ~ Do you have space for drop off children? We run as a ‘stay & play’ centre, though from time to time Parents will leave their child(ren) if they have an appointment or other matters to attend to (by prior arrangement) ~ What does it cost to attend? We have no set fees, though have a suggested Koha of $40-$80 per family, per year ~ Can I bring my home-schooled children? Of course! We value older children as they often become a huge asset on session ~ What do we wear? The older the better! Almost every session has some form of messy or wet play involved, so leave your favourite outfits at home ~ What do we need to bring with us? A sense of humour and adventure, spare clothes to change into, a piece of fruit to share at morning tea, a lunch box with your child’s own snacks ~ Where do I find you? 35 Taharangi Street, Rotorua (We are off Koutu Road) or Search ‘Koutu Playcentre’ on Facebook
Session Times
Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 9:15am - 11:45am
Tuesday 9:15am - 1:15pm
Wednesday 9:15am - 11:45am