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Hukerenui Playcentre

At Hukerenui Playcentre it’s quite normal for the kids, and adults, to turn up in gumboots, we’re a rural community, and our love for outdoor play reflects this. It’s an easy-going, friendly environment, where we love to get messy, creative, and adventurous.

Based at the Hukerenui Primary School, we also have access to the school pool in summer, and get to interact with the school kids throughout the year, which is a great opportunity for the littlies to get comfortable with school before the big first day. We even have our own section at the Ag Day event held every year.

We have started work on getting a new building at the entrance to the school, until it is finished we will be based at the rear of the school, follow the driveway all the way to the end, past the shed.

Session Times
Day Morning Afternoon
Thursday 9.00am - 12.30pm