Volunteer of the Month

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March 2022

Gemma Robinson


Gemma has been nominated by her fellow centre members at Maungaraki Playcentre in Lower Hutt.

She started Playcentre almost 9 years ago and has held a variety of office holder roles in that time including president, child planning officer and adult education officer.

She is currently secretary, fundraising officer, team lead on Monday session and a member of the employee committee.

She supports everyone in their office holdings and is a huge champion for parent-led education.  She has had a range of office holdings over her last 9 years (in fact, I think she has done them ALL at some point) and is committed, engaged and enthusiastic about it all.

What Gemma doesn’t know about Playcentre and more specifically about our Playcentre can be written on the back of a postage stamp. She is passionate about child led play. 

She does so much! She is the person responsible, as she has Playcentre Course 4 – so without her our sessions simply wouldn’t run. She turns up to every session with boundless energy, supporting each child and family with her passion and love of Playcentre.

She has ideas galore, kindness in bundles and she gives her time without hesitation. Running meetings, leading fundraisers, welcoming visitors with positivity and care and being a listening ear to all. 

Recently she organised a fundraising raffle for our centre which raised $1,600 – which is essential to the running of our Playcentre. 

If anyone deserves their efforts and love of Playcentre to be honoured, it is Gemma.