Volunteer story – Darrienne

Centre President– sense of community in a rural setting

More than five years ago Darrienne moved her family to rural Hawkes’ Bay. She had a young family, and it is always difficult moving to a new area and not knowing anyone. Darrienne decided to take her children to the local Playcentre to introduce themselves to their new community. Her children would be going to school here, so it made sense to meet their future classmates.

On her first day at Playcentre she was struck by how picturesque and rural the setting was; Cows, sheep, and a well populated duck pond all featured in the paddock neighbouring the centre. It had an amazing outdoor play area that encourages imagination and supports their rural upbringing. The atmosphere was of a tight knit, but welcoming, group of mothers and children.   

I just wanted to “meet some of the local families with young children, who would potentially all be going to school together”.

Five years later Darrienne has firmly put down roots in the community. Roots that began at her local Playcentre; of which she has now been the president for the past 3.5 years.

Darrienne believes that Playcentre inspired her to play a more active role in her new community.  She wouldn’t admit it to anyone; but it seems with all her volunteer work at Playcentre, she is currently the treasurer and secretary as well as the president, she has given back more to her community and her Playcentre than she ever expected. She and her centre have both thrived. “I have made some wonderful friends and my children enjoy their time there. Playcentre creates a community and a support network for mothers in the district”. Others describe her as “a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm for the Playcentre lifestyle”.