Lock down information

Information last updated on 25 March 2020

Looking after Centres during the lockdown

Again, there should be only one designated person in charge of a Centre and who should be the only one on the property.  All playgrounds are now out of bounds. The Ministry of Education has developed a notice for Centres to put on their gates. Click here to download.


Bulk funding for Playcentre will continue for term time over the lockdown period. Please be assured that during this time Centres and Playcentre employees will continue to receive funding/salaries as usual.  We are continuing to have regular discussions with Ministry of Education officials about any further moves and will keep Centres and staff updated as much as possible.

Ministry of Social Development Funding

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will maintain all current funding levels for grants and top-ups for the next six months, including WINZ payments received by many of our Centres.

Paying the bills

The Minister of Finance spoke yesterday about how it’s important to keep the economy running as much as possible during the lockdown.  He urged people to keep paying those bills that are coming in as usual. This will be a huge help to those people you deal with in your community who do work for you.

Contract cleaners 

For contractors to Playcentres, including Cleaners who have or expect a decrease in income in excess of 30%, they will be eligible for the wage subsidy of $350 a week for up to 20 hours or $585.80 for full time. The application process is very simple and can be found here: https://services.workandincome.govt.nz/ess/trader_applications/new


Workshops are no longer being held. We appreciate your patience as we are working to increase the availability of high-quality online delivery through our dedicated online learning platform. Students are welcome to continue to submit assessments thorough the regional assessment email.