MoE-funded Hand Sanitisers

Last updated 25 May 2020

Playcentre: How to order MoE-funded Hand Sanitisers & other sanitising products

To order your free MOE-funded hand sanitiser (quantity is based on roll size), call NXP on 0800 726 484 (heavy call volumes but you can request a call-back) or copy and paste the template #1-6 below into an email, complete it, send it to [email protected] and NXP will respond within 48 hours to confirm receipt of your order, advise your login details & ask if you want additional products.

1. Account Number (if existing NXP customer and you know your account code):

2. Playcentre ECE code (on your licence) & Playcentre Name:

3. Address (Provide full street address & postcode where you want sanitiser delivered to –

consider using a residential address to avoid returns due to centre gates being locked):

4. Contact Name:

5. Telephone Number:

6. Email Address: See below for additional products other Playcentres have ordered from – prices may vary so please talk with NXP on 0800 726 484 and compare with your local stores.

Shipping is free of your MOE-funded allotment of hand sanitiser. If you order additional products, shipping will be free if order is over $50. Your order may come in several packages as products become available.