Playcentre Education Online

Last updated on Monday 4 May 2020

First of all, it’s important that we all acknowledge that we are in a very different place than we were only six weeks ago, and many of us feel uncertain about everything at the moment, which is perfectly understandable.

You may want to and be able to continue some learning at the moment, but please don’t feel any pressure to do so if it’s not possible in your present situation.

Given that we are unable to hold face-to-face workshops, we are expanding what is offered online, if you do wish to access course modules. The plan is to put our time, energy and money into high quality learning online that you can access when you choose so you do not have to travel or be available at a particular time. Investing in this development will serve Playcentre not just for now but into the future.

What is on offer?

The following modules:

B401 and B402

C405 and C407

You can register to do a whole module or just to catch up on missed workshop/s if you are part way through a module.

We will continue to add further new online modules as they are developed – C406 is coming soon, to be followed by B403 and then C410.

What do I need?

A computer, tablet or phone and internet access.

Learning online is different

The learning is mostly self-guided which means you have more choice but greater responsibility.

Self-guided means you set the pace and choose how and when to complete the readings, videos, activities, and to check your answers against model answers or automated feedback. You will have a support tutor and be able to ask questions and share ideas with others in your online class group on discussion pages.

The online modules are organised as a series of units just as the face-to-face modules are made up of a series of workshops.

How to approach on-line study

When learning online, it can be tempting to rush through the resources without engaging with them. But it’s important to give your brain time to process the information, so pace yourself and find a time that suits you. Enjoy learning something new.


For B401 we will accept assessment answers based on activities done at home with your own Playcentre age children, but understand that for other modules especially the C-series we will need to be in Centres to do some of the assessment work, which is built around practical application, session requirements and working with a wider group of children.

How much does it cost?

As with workshops there is no cost to students – Playcentre pays the tutor support and online platform access costs.

Where to go to indicate you want to do a module online

To find an online-offered module go to the Playcentre website and go to “Find a workshop or online module”. The website has been refreshed, so go directly to the Playcentre website rather than using an old link you may have used in the past for booking workshops.

The face-to-face workshops are arranged by region under a symbol of people in a group.

In the COVID-19 environment currently there are no face-to-face offerings.

If you want to find an online module scroll down the booking page to the computer symbol and click on the words ONLINE MODULES. The online options are offered nationally and are not tied to particular regions so you will find them all together in the ONLINE MODULES section.

Register your interest to study the module online. You will get an acknowledgement that your name is on our list for the next start. The online modules are delivered on a dedicated learning platform called i-Qualify. When we have sufficient eligible registrations we will begin a class by sending an email inviting you to access the online module on i-Qualify. Depending on which module you are studying you will be given access for 4, 6 or 8 weeks, which will be plenty of time to complete the units. Because of the way the access fees are charged we need to manage start and end dates rather than offer open-ended indefinite access on an individual basis.

We will continue to form new groups to satisfy demand as the numbers registered build up. You will not miss out even if a lot of people register before you do.

Looking after yourself

It is important during these unprecedented times that you look to you own wellbeing.   That includes not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself – if you’re not in the right space (literally and figuratively) don’t commit to anything that is likely to create more stress. There are other things to do if continuing the education programme is not right for you at the moment. For instance – visit and enjoy our Playcentre Virtual Village – there is plenty of informal learning to be found there.