Running sessions under Level 2

Information last updated September 2021

When centres re-open at level 2, the emphasis should be on safety and as public health officials continue to reinforce, keeping track of everyone entering our premises is critical (see more information below on the NZ COVID Tracer QR code poster), along with ensuring we are all observing hygiene standards.

In general, the things to remember are:

  • Maintain and promote good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette
  • People should stay away if sick
  • Disinfect and clean all surfaces daily
  • Display your QR code posters at entrances and encourage all of your community to download the NZ COVID Tracer App and use it if they come on-site – this is now mandatory. Click here to request another copy of your QR code
  • It is vital that members and visitors sign in on the tablet for the purposes of contact tracing

The Ministry has completed a review of the Alert Level 2 Public Health Response Order and updated all of their guidance material.

The table below summarises the Alert Level 2 requirements and recommendations for early learning services.

The Ministry of Education have also provided an Alert Level 2 checklist for licensed services and prepared up to date Alert Level 2 guidance material:

Alert level 2 checklist for licensed ECE’s

More detailed COVID-19 guidance for licensed early learning services

Please use these forms in the context that it relates to your centre ie. staff / centre whānau.

Number of people

Educational facilities are not considered gatherings under the COVID-19 alert level framework. This means there are no restrictions on numbers of people indoors or outside during the operating hours for early learning services other than what other public health or health and safety measures require, and usual licensing and building requirements apply.

Face Coverings

As per MOE regulations, face coverings are not required in any early service, adults on session can choose whether to wear one or not.

Physical distancing

While physical distancing is not a requirement in early learning services, we will be doing our best to keep physical distance between adults and keeping spaces well-ventilated while maintaining the required temperature.

Face coverings

Face coverings are not required to be worn in early learning services.

Public health recommend that the focus for children under six is on getting children to cough and sneeze into their elbow, and wash and dry hands / hand hygiene.

Face coverings are not required in early learning services and early learning services are not expected to provide face coverings for children or staff. It remains an option for those individuals, staff and whānau.  

Centre Hire

Centres need to ensure that anyone who hires their centre agrees to follow the centre’s cleaning practices and observes any limitations about group gatherings.

You can find further Ministry of Education guidance and licensing information here – Health-and-safety-for-COVID-19-Licensed-Early-Learning-Services-Alert-Levels-1-4


  • Disinfect and clean all surfaces at the end of each session.
  • High-touch surfaces (e.g. play gyms, tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks) are regularly cleaned.
  • Appropriate cleaning supplies are maintained and stored safely out of reach of children.


  • It is considered safe to have visitors at Playcentre during Covid19 Alert Level 2.
  • If your centre has been closed either because of a Level 3 lockdown, or a confirmed Covid19 case it is reasonable to defer welcoming any new visitors onto your sessions for a short time while you settle back into your centre.
  • We really encourage centres to maintain communication with these people during this time, and assure them that we will contact them to arrange a visit as soon as possible. If someone walks in off the street, then have this conversation with them with sensitivity and remember how hard it can be to walk into a new setting for the first time. Link potential visitors into the Virtual Village and encourage them to access our play resources there while we get ready to welcome them in.

Contact tracing

All businesses and workplaces legally must display an NZ COVID Tracer QR code in a prominent place at or near your main entrance. You also need to offer customers and visitors an alternative way to record their visit. If you are using an alternative contact tracing system, you need to record:

  • the entry and exit times for workers, visitors and contractors
  • the names of everyone on your premises or location
  • their contact details.

Please make sure you keep your contact tracing records secure.

Here is a link on how to get a QR code poster – Get your QR code poster | Unite against COVID-19 (

You can reprint your QR code posters, update and manage the contact details registered to your poster and archive any posters you no longer need online.

Vaccination Disclosure

There is no legal requirement for anyone to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and it doesn’t need to be disclosed – this is an MoE (so Government) mandate. 


Centres do not need to observe restrictions on group sizes when holding business meetings as in this context we would be considered as a workplace. Members should be seated 1 metre apart and social distancing and hygiene practices should be encouraged. That being said, many of us have embraced online tools for meetings, and we encourage you to continue to make good use of these. You can find information about using online meeting platforms in the Virtual Village.