Education Contact Details

Playcentre Education is the PTE of Playcentre Aotearoa. There are two national staff members and also management staff in each region who can help you.

National Training Coordinator

Gillian Croad


04 232 8952

Education Funding Manager

Glenda Caradus


07 856 8684

The Regional Education Coordinators manage the teaching staff, planning of workshop schedules in the region and can answer questions about cross credit and RPL (Recognition of prior learning). Regional Education Administrators can assist with questions about the enrolment or workshop booking process and your own student record. They are all part time and if not immediately available they will get back to you.

Northern North Island and Auckland Region: 09 838 8849


Barbara Cooper – Education Coordinator

Mary Alford – Education Administrator


Central Region: 07 847 1739 Contact
Marianne Scott-Boddendijk – Education Coordinator  Haley Brown – Education Administrator
Lower North Region: 04 280 2411 Contact
Northern South Island: 03 377 2540 Contact
Alex Ireland – Education Coordinator  Contact