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For some of you, this COVID-19 disrupted time may be an opportunity for you to continue with your Playcentre education.  Given that we are unable to offer workshops, the plan is to put our time, energy and money into high quality learning online that you can access when you choose so you do not have to travel or be available at a particular time. Investing in this development will serve Playcentre not just for now but into the future. At the same time we very much appreciate that some of you are not in a position to continue with the programme for the time being. We know that people have greater priorities at the moment.  It is fine if you are unable to continue with the Playcentre Education programme at the  moment – please do not be stressed about it – you will be able to continue in the future when the time is right for you.

To book into a workshop through Book when in an area convenient to you click the link below.

To register for an online module click on the online registrations link below


including Northern North Island, North Shore, Greater Auckland area and Counties Manukau


including East Waikato, Eastern BOP, King Country, Rotorua, Tairāwhiti,Thames Valley, Waikato, Western BOP


including Wellington, Hutt, Wairarapa, Central Districts, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Whanganui


including Buller Westland, Canterbury, Marlborough, Mid Canterbury, Nelson


including Otago, Southland, South Canterbury




If you have any questions about workshops or enrolment contact your local regional education staff.

FAQ's - booking workshops

Here are some tips to help when booking workshops through Bookwhen

How do I book to attend a workshop or workshop series?

If I don’t have internet access how do I book?

Why should I book a place and not just turn up?

I can no longer attend a workshop - how do I cancel?

I attended the first session of a workshop last week, but I'm sick this week and can't attend session 2. Can I still attend session 3 and 4?

The workshop is full, but I'd like to attend if a space becomes available. What should I do?

How does the Waitlist work?

I'm on the Waitlist and I received an email saying that a place is available, but I can't book a ticket?

I missed out on a ticket that became available on the Waitlist. Have I now lost my place on the Waitlist?

I booked for a workshop, but I didn't receive a confirmation email or a reminder email?

How do I book for a "Missed Session"?

FAQ's - online information

Here are some tips to help for online workshops

How do I start an online module?

How do online modules compare with face to face workshops?

What equipment or skills do I need?

What does it cost?

Do I get written course materials?

What if there are no modules listed or they all seem to be full?

What is the eligibility criteria to do an online module?

Why might I have to wait to start?

Why does the online course have an end date and what does it mean?

What happens with assessments if I do the module online?

What sort of support do I get?