Notes to Help You Complete the Project Approval Form

Non Funded Project Approval Application

This form must be completed PRIOR to beginning a building project (that affects the structure/layout of the Playcentre (either internally or externally) and includes playground development or purchasing fixed assets/equipment or appliances.

Name of Playcentre

Name of the Playcentre applying for non‐funded project approval


The date of this application

Project or Purchase Description

The type of project or equipment (structure/layout, internal/external, building/playground, fixed assets, equipment, or appliances) description, i.e. Kitchen upgrade, roof replacement, resolve drainage issues. Please include copies of all drawings, plans, and photos of the existing situation. This information, as well as informing the Property Team, will be uploaded to the Property Database.

Is this part of a 5‐year Property and Equipment plan?

5‐year property, equipment and maintenance plans are recommended to help your Centre and the Property Team plan what projects, equipment and maintenance needs to be conducted within that period. Previous property surveys and inspections can assist with informing which are the most urgent projects. If you would like to know more about 5‐year plans, please check out the Property Manual on the website or contact the property team for information specific to your Centre.

Has this been discussed fully with the Playcentre Member Group?

It is important before starting any projects that ALL Playcentre Members are consulted, and robust discussions are had around what projects and equipment are important/urgent and which can be undertaken at a later date.

Have the proposed works/purchase been agreed with Playcentre Committee?

Once everyone has agreed which projects/purchases are important then the Playcentre Committee must agree to undertake the particular project being applied for in this application. Please provide evidence, i.e. minutes of meeting, email, screenshot of Facebook group confirming all centre members agree to the project.

Cost of Work/Purchase

A minimum of two quotes should be provided for any work or purchases. If you are unable to provide two quotes, please outline why. Please attach the quotes and any other costing information you deem relevant to this application. This information, as well as informing the Property Team, will be uploaded to the Property Database. An Asbestos Refurbishment Survey must be included in the costs if the Centre is old than 1 January 2000 for Asbestos and 1980 for lead. Refer to the Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement Sheet which is available on the website alongside this Project Application.

How do you plan to finance this?

How will you pay for this project? Will it be via funds you already have in your bank account, fundraising, external grants, donations, parent time or other means? Please include a list showing the breakdown. Please make sure you list each external grant and the amount received.

Is the expenditure included in your budget?

Has the money for this project or purchase been included in this year’s financial budget? If it is not in
the Centre’s annual budget, why is this? It is recommended that projects and purchases are included in
the budget to help your Centre understand what projects and purchases are essential or planned for the
coming year. This helps with finances and also with planning working bees and programming of works.

When will the work be done/purchase made?

It is important to note when the work or purchase is planned for. If for any reason the work or purchase
is unable to be conducted within 6 months of this application, you will need to re‐confirm approval with
the property team.

Playcentre Representative Signature and Date

Centre Member who is completing this form or another Playcentre Committee Member from the Centre
is to sign and date this form.

Confirm the 12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement Form has been completed and signed

The 12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement is available on the website alongside this Project
Applications. This Acknowledge Form must be read, signed, and returned along with this Project
Application Form. Once the Asbestos Refurbishment Survey and/or lead testing report has been
completed a copy of this must be sent to the property team and provided to all Contractors prior to work
starting on a building. This includes any parent or other volunteer or member of the public undertaking
any building work. Contact the Property Team if your centre is unsure whether this form is required for
your project.

Contact Details for Person in Charge of Project

The Centre Member, or family of Centre Member, should be responsible for managing the project. This
person will be responsible for managing the paperwork, quotes, and tradespeople, understanding any
hazards or requirements (i.e. Asbestos), ensure the work is completed to a satisfactory standard and
reporting back to the property team.

For Building Projects – Name of Tradesperson/s

Please note the Company name of all the tradespeople involved in the project. For larger projects please
list the Company Name, Contact Person, and Contact Details. Please use another page if necessary to
note these details. Please see additional requirements for Asbestos Surveys and Lead Testing.

Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team Signature and Date

This application must be approved and signed by a property team representative prior to commencing
any work or purchasing equipment.