Education (ECS) Regulations 2008. Regs 46(a), 46(b).
Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

Licensing Criteria for Centre based Education and Care Services 2008 (amended May 2016)

HS26: All practicable steps are taken to ensure that children do not come into contact with any person (adult or child) on the premises who is suffering from a disease or condition likely to be passed onto children and likely to have a detrimental effect on them.
– the action specified in the Ministry of Health: Infectious diseases for criterion HS26 is taken for any person (adult or child) suffering from particular infectious diseases; and
– children who become unwell while attending the service are kept at a safe distance from other children (to minimise the spread of infection) and returned to the care of a parent or other person authorised to collect the child without delay.
HS27: All practicable steps are taken to get immediate medical assistance for a child who is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill, and to notify a parent or caregiver of what has happened.
HS30: Children are washed when they are soiled or pose a health risk to themselves or others.
HS34: Where there is a serious injury or illness or incident involving a child while at the services that is required to be notified to a specified agency, the service provider must also notify the Ministry of Education at the same time.

No.    Name
9.4.1 Injury, Illness and Incident Procedure
9.4.2 Child Washdown Procedure
9.4.3 Sick Child Isolation Procedure
9.4.4 Notifiable Events Sign
9.4.5 Infectious Diseases: information & exclusion list (MOH document)
9.4.6 Minor Injury, Illness and Incident Notice
9.4.7 Serious Injury, Illness and Incident Form
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Note: “Specified agency” includes but is not limited to Ministry of Health, Worksafe, Oranga Tamariki, NZ Police, Ministry of Education.