Medicine Administration Contents

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

Licensing Criteria for Centre-Based Education and Care Services (as amended May 2016), HS28 – HS29
HS28: Medicine (prescription and non-prescription) is not given to a child unless it is given:
– by a doctor or ambulance personnel in an emergency; or
– by the parent of the child; or
– with the written authority (appropriate to the category of medicine) of a parent.
Medicines are stored safely and appropriately, and are disposed of, or sent home with a parent (if supplied in relation to a specific child) after the specified time.
HS29: Adults who administer medicine to children (other than their own) are provided with information and/or training relevant to the task.


No.  Name

9.5.1 Medicine Administration Procedures Category ii form – Medicine Administration Agreement (form) Category iii form – Medicine Administration Agreement (form) Medicine Administration Register (For Category ii and iii Medicines)

N/B      a) Any application of Category i medicines (first aid treatment) must be recorded on the Minor Injury, Illness and Incident Notice.
              b) Guidelines for completing forms are provided in 9.5.1 Medicine Administration Procedure document.

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