Playcentre Aotearoa’s
Excursions Procedure

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, 46 (1a), (1b) Licensing Criteria for Centre-based Education and Care Services 2008

HS17: Whenever children leave the premises on an excursion:

  • assessment and management of risk is undertaken, and adult:child ratios are determined Ratios are not less than the required adult:child ratio;
  • the first aid requirements in criterion HS25 are met in relation to those children and any children remaining at the premises;
  • parents/caregivers have given prior written approval to their child’s participation and of the proposed ratio for:
    1. regular excursions at the time of enrolment; and
    2. special excursions prior to the excursion taking place; and
  • there are communication systems in place so that people know where the children are, and adults can communicate with others as necessary.

When children leave the premises on a regular or special excursion, the excursion must be approved by the Person Responsible.

HS18: If children travel in a motor vehicle while in the care of the service:

  • each child is restrained as required by Land Transport legislation;
  • required adult:child ratios are maintained; and
  • the written permission of a parent of the child is obtained before the travel begins (unless the child is travelling with their parent).
Item Procedure
1.0 Clarifying the two types of excursions in a Playcentre Aotearoa context:
1.1 Regular excursions, which are planned on the spur of the moment, during the session or during the session set-up. These excursions generally remain within the immediate local community of the Playcentre, and do not involve travel in a private vehicle. A regular excursion could involve one or two children and adults, or all the children and adults on session, and could be within sight and hearing of the centre, or could be at a greater distance from the centre. Whānau give approval for this type of excursion on the enrolment form.
If the centre holds a regular outdoor session, and the parent agrees to the risks of this excursion at the time of enrolment it would be considered a regular excursion, even if at a further distance
1.2 Special excursions, are planned in advance of the session. These excursions generally involve the whole session or the whole Centre, in an excursion beyond the local community. Whānau give approval for this type of excursion each time and prior to the excursion taking place.
2.0 Flowchart of steps:

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