Emergency Planning Procedures Contents

Emergency Planning Procedures Contents Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, 46(1d)

Licensing Criteria for Centre Based Education and Care Services 2008

HS7: There is a written emergency plan and adequate supplies to ensure the care and safety of children and adults at the service. The plan must include evacuation procedures for the service’s premises, which apply in a variety of emergency situations and which are consistent with the Fire Evacuation Scheme for the building.

Documentation required:

     A written emergency plan that includes at least: 

  • An evacuation procedure for the premises. 
  • A list of safety and emergency supplies and resources sufficient for the age and number of children and adults at the service and details of how these will be maintained and accessed in an emergency. 
  • Details of the roles and responsibilities that will apply during an emergency situation.
  • A communication plan for families and support services. ➢ Evidence of review of the plan on an, at least, annual basis and implementation of improved practices as required.

HS8: Adults providing education and care are familiar with relevant emergency drills and carry these out with the children on an at least three-monthly basis.

Documentation required:

  • A record of the emergency drills carried out and evidence of how evaluation of the drills has informed the annual review of the service’s emergency plan.

Procedure Contents

No.     Name

9.9.1   Emergency Planning Procedures – incl Contact lists


9.9.2   Fire and Evacuation Procedures

9.9.3   Earthquake Procedures 9.9.4 Sheltering-in Place Procedures

9.9.8   Emergency Drill Education Guidelines

9.9.9   Emergency Supplies List – Civil Defence Kit list

            FORMS/ TEMPLATES (for use at Centres discretion)

9.9.5   Emergency Drill “Quick Reference” Record

9.9.6   Building Assistance Register

9.9.7   FENZ – Fire Evacuation Report

             MAPS & PLANS

             Plan of Building: insert plan of centre, showing emergency exits, key areas (e.g. gas shut-off), evacuation point.

              Map of Evacuation Route: insert map showing evacuation route inland/higher ground if needed.

Centres can locate digital copies online by visiting           https://www.playcentre.org.nz/