Primary Teachers in Playcentre

In November 2022 the Ministry of Education published a gazette notice stating that the role of Person Responsible for licensing sessions can be a person holding a primary teaching qualification recognised for the purpose of registration with the Teaching Council.

Playcentre Aotearoa also requires primary teachers to complete a “Playcentre Primary Teacher Bridging Award”  as an induction to being Person Responsible in Playcentre.  We acknowledge the wealth of skills and experience primary teachers bring to Playcentre while also recognising that Playcentre is a different learning environment than the primary sector and has a different curriculum and regulations.

Primary teachers must hold the Playcentre Primary Teacher Bridging Award to be recognised as Person Responsible. 

The bridging award includes three modules of Playcentre Education’s delivery of the NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 4):

  • PE1 Ūkaipōtanga | Let’s Play (previously B401)
  • PL2 Pūkengatanga | Theory Guides Practice (previously C405A)
  • PL4 Kaitiakitanga | Playcentre and the Regulations (previously C407)

Watch our video (9min) for more detailed information.

Primary teachers holding Course 3 do not need to complete the bridging award.  For primary teachers wishing to support their centre with quality funding, please contact Kara Daly [email protected] with a copy of your primary teaching qualification.  Course 3 continues to be recognised as Person Responsible for Standard Funding and we do not require primary teacher qualifications for Course 3 holders in centres on standard funding.

To start the bridging award, sign up for a PE1 Ūkaipōtanga – Let’s Play module in a format and time that suits you.  Many teachers prefer the online format.  When you sign up for PE1, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download an enrolment pack.  Please completed the forms, including attaching a copy of your teaching qualification.  Most qualifications state “primary” on them however if yours does not, we will also need a copy of your transcript.   Find a Workshop or online module | Playcentre


If you have any queries, please contact Kara Daly [email protected]