Playcentre telecommunications


A new way of communicating  

The National Finance team has signed a new contract with Spark which will reduce our overall telecommunications costs and improve efficiency of our mobile workforce by providing fast, reliable and accessible mobile and data coverage. 

To help you with this roll-out, please check out the FAQs.  If your question is not covered, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.


Why are we moving from broadband to cellular?

How will we access Discover without broadband?

How much data will we have per month?

What date does the data allocation roll over?

Will the phone use data when it’s not in use?

Why does the phone have to stay on site at the Centre?

What happens if we lose or damage our mobile phone?

Can we still have Call Minder/Call Diversion on our new mobile phone?

Where will the new mobile be sent to?

What happens with the Vocus broadband hardware?

What happens with the Spark broadband hardware?

What happens with our landline?

When does our broadband and landline get disconnected?

We already have a mobile phone – why do we need a new one?

Will we keep our existing mobile numbers?

What if our Centre is in a black spot?

We have a monitored fire/burglar alarm – what will be the impact on these?

What happens with our alarms if the mobile connection drops or the Spark network is down?

What do we need to do now?

What is the timeframe of the roll-out?

When will the pilot group be rolled out?

Do we have unlimited calling and texting?

Who do Centres contact if they have telecommunication issues?

Will screen protectors be provided?

Do we need to let NSC when our new Spark mobile is operational?

Do we need to let NSC know when we have returned our old Spark and Vocus hardware?

Will we be able to print to our wireless printer?

How do hotspots work?

What will the quality be like if 10 devices are tethered to the one hotspot?

Our Centre does not have good coverage so what are our options?

Has a fibre connection been considered?

How much is Playcentre going to pay for the connections /mobiles across all centres?

Did Playcentre consult with more than one provider?

Will we still be able to use Spotify?

Our Playcentre is connected at no charge to the neighbouring school’s internet so do we have to change?

What do I do if the hotspot times out

How do I connect my printer to the hotspot if it doesn't have WiFi capability and connects with an ethernet cable


Spark Hardware Return Form

Spark Hardware Return Form

Vocus Hardware Return Form

Vocus Hardware Return Form