9: Property Inspections and Checklists

Property Inspections and Checklists allow for National, Regional and Centre based staff and volunteers to maintain safe and fit for purpose Playcentre environments, including play spaces, workspaces, buildings, playgrounds and equipment. They allow Centres to be able to keep buildings and equipment to a standard to comply with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations, Building Code, Health and Safety and other applicable legislation.

The Property and Equipment Policy sets up the scenarios and responsibilities for undertaking Property Inspections and Checklists. Inspections and Checklists will be carried out by a variety of different personnel within the Playcentre Environment, as noted below.

Daily Checklists

Daily Checklists are developed from Hazard and Risk Management Procedure as well as Property and Equipment Policy.

The Daily Checklists are to be undertaken at the start of each session. These are usually carried out by a Centre Employee or a Centre Member.

Please follow the procedures as outlined in the Hazard and Risk Management Procedure.

Any urgent or dangerous hazards identified should be dealt with immediately, including temporarily closing the Centre if it is a Serious Hazard. This needs to be done in conjunction with your Regional Office as soon as is practical.

It is essential that the Daily Health and Safety Checklists are reviewed monthly and any non-urgent hazards or risks that have been identified are eliminated, minimised or isolated as appropriate. A Hazard Register must be maintained and risks added as appropriate. Note that some risks may be minor and not likely to cause injury or death and can therefore be added to the Hazard Register if they are not able to be eliminated.

The Health and Safety Officer should create a summary of Daily Checklist issues to present at each Centre Meeting.

Centre Assurance Checklists

Centre Assurance Checklists are carried out by paid Centre Support Staff in consultation with Centre Members each term. A different Checklist is undertaken each term to make sure all necessary areas are covered over the year.

The Centre Assurance Checklist reviews all Health and Safety, Building and Environment and general items in relation to the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulation requirements.

Centre Support Staff will work with Centre Members to ensure all items identified are rectified in a timely manner.

Annual Property and Playground Checklists

The Annual Property and Playground Checklists will be undertaken annually by the Property Officer or other Centre Member responsible for overseeing Property. It is recommended that these Checklists be done just before or after the AGM to allow for both the current and proposed Property Officer, or other Centre Member responsible for overseeing Property, to be present. This would form part of the handover of the role to new Officers.

The purpose of these checklists is for the Property Officers to understand the condition of the Centres buildings and playgrounds to organise work that is needed for the next 12 months, to help work out what you need to do at working bees or what will need to be undertaken by a contractor. They can be read in conjunction with 5 Year Maintenance Plans, if you have one, or to help create one.

These Checklists should be emailed to the Regional Property Coordinator in your area once they have been completed. They will be reviewed and uploaded to the Property Database for future reference and reporting.

Regional Property Coordinator Inspections

Regional Property Coordinators often visit Centres to undertake Inspections of Buildings and Playgrounds. These inspections could happen annually, bi-annually or on an adhoc basis as Centres need.

Regional Property Coordinators will review checklists that have been carried out by the Centres and Playcentre Staff particularly the Annual Property and Playground Checklist and Centre Assurance Checklists to identify any issues or problems that are happening at Centres.