For almost two years New Zealand, like the rest of the world, has been dealing with the impact of Covid 19, and the impact of our government’s response. Over these two years phrases like “level 4” and “lockdown” have become part of our everyday language.   Now over the past two months new phrases have entered our everyday language; “vaccine order”, “mandates”, “90 % target” and “traffic light system”.   Playcentre, like the rest of the education sector, is grappling with the impact of these new ideas and rules around vaccinations. The rules around the mandate have been somewhat confusing at times and subject to change over the past two months. We are all figuring out what this move means for us as individuals, as parents, as volunteers or employees and as managers. I want to thank everyone for the patience and understanding.  We all want what is best for Playcentre children and their families, and our communities. 

With all that in mind, I am pleased to welcome David, our new Chief Executive, who started at the National Service Centre today.

We have a few more updates for staff in the National Management Team, with our Telecoms Project Manager, Nancy Green, now concentrating on the roll out of new phones, upgrading/changing plans, monitoring data usage, and cleaning up disused numbers; and Virginia Driver, taking on Health & Safety Manager as an additional role for 6 months.

As I sign off this message, my last as Acting General Manager, I can honestly say the last 4 months has been mostly good albeit with a few challenges thrown in for good measure. Yet another chapter in my Playcentre journey…

Thank you to the Trustees and particularly the Co-Presidents for their ongoing support and guidance during this time. And thank you to all the National Management Team and Regional Staff for your commitment to Playcentre Aotearoa as we have navigated the last few months together.

Pono ki te Kaupapa
Trust the process

Susan Bailey

Acting General Manager