As discussed last year we have made changes to the Policies and Procedures, based on feedback from centre members, employees and external stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education and ERO. We have included a table showing which Policies and Procedures have been updated and a summary of the changes that have occurred. We have also indicated on the document the date they were last updated and this will be included on the Polices and Procedures Review schedule. Updated versions will be available on the new website from Monday 17th February.

What do you need to do:
• Read, and be aware of the updated policies and procedures;
• For any signs that have been updated – print a copy of the new one, and replace the ones that are already on your wall;
• If you wish to keep the policy folder up-to-date you will need to print off copies of the new policies and procedures and add them to the folder.

Upcoming Polices to Review:
Feb: Please review 1.0 Guiding Principles Policy and
9.0 Health and Safety Policy this month
Mar: Please review 9.1 Laundering Procedure
9.2 Nappy Changing and Disposal Procedure
9.3 Sleeping Children Procedures

If you have any feedback, please complete the feedback form on the website. We will review all feedback and issue updated policies (if necessary) in April- May 2020.