How to request a telecoms upgrade

Playcentre has been equipping each centre with a DIPH (Digital Island Phone and Hotspot) that provides a mobile phone as well as 1gb of hotspot data for every session that they run (e.g. 4 sessions = 4gb/month of data). Several centres have asked to access more data or a stronger faster connection. So we are trialling 2 upgrade packages. Option A costs $30 per month for 10gb extra data or Option B costs $79 per month for 300gb of the best available local connection e.g. fibre, cellular broadband or DSL router. The NSC would then analyse the affordability, coordinate the installation and on-charge the centre monthly. For details or to apply, email [email protected] with the subject “request telecoms upgrade”. Please also email if you would like to join the telecoms focus group.