Basic property checklist before re-opening

Last updated 7 May 2020

Basic property checklist for Playcentres before re-opening

Note – These are basic visual checks that do not require a contractor

Exterior – walk around the property, looking at:

  1. Any signs of break-in, broken glass and damage to doors, window, locks, boundary fences.
  2. Look up at the roof, noting any grass and weeds growing above guttering.
  3. General condition of playground and equipment (not damaged, safe to use?).
  4. Wipe down all outdoor fixed equipment with disinfectant
  5. Sandpits – remove any animal faeces appropriately
  6. Any build-up of leaves and rubbish around the Air Conditioning outdoor unit
  7. In situations where mushrooms are growing in playground bark, rather than disturbing them and perhaps releasing spores into the air, spraying with bleach is the best option.  If there is an objection to bleach, lime or baking soda will also work.


  1. Check the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) displayed is current – if not the Centre will not be able to open. No BWOF – No opening.
  2. Monthly systems’ checks by contractors need to resume for BWOF.
  3. Switch on lights to make sure they all work
  4. Flush toilets
  5. Run taps – run hot water taps for 15 minutes. This is to ensure there is no chance of legionella bacteria being present in the hot water system when it is in use (only applicable to hot water storage systems, not instantaneous hot water systems)
  6. Look for any evidence of rodent activity during the lockdown
  7. Look for any evidence of water leaks during the lockdown (typically water marks visible on ceilings)
  8. Run the Air conditioning unit for 15 minutes
  9. Check Fire Evacuation plan displayed
  10. Wipe down hard surfaces with disinfectant (benches, toilets, hand basins).


What to do in the event of finding any of the above issues.

Contact your Regional Property Co-ordinator (RPC) and/or your Regional Manager (RM).

When contacting the RPC and/or the RM, please advise:

The nature of the issue, the urgency, and any Health and Safety issue – such as broken glass – that will prevent the Centre from opening.


Please note:

Normal pre-session checklists should also be done as you normally do, as these cover above points and Health and Safety checks.