Centre closures for lock down

Temporary closure (less than 14 days)

If your Centre will be closed for less than 14 days you don’t need to do anything significant. Please do what you would normally do for term holidays and refer to Level 3 guidance if you have any queries to know what you can do for preparation.

Extended closure (more than 14 days)

There may be times where specific areas or centres need to close due to shifting COVID-19 Alert levels or exposure to a confirmed case. If your centre will be closed for 14 days or more, the following steps should be followed.

  • Turn off any heating on timers
  • Do not turn off your hot water cylinder – you will need to drain this on your return to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria if you do
  • Empty kettles or other bodies of water
  • Remove any food that may spoil
  • Take home or cover/hide electronic equipment or items that may be tempting
  • Use online systems to ensure that bills continue to be paid
  • Consider setting mouse traps/ant bait.
  • Ensure that there is a plan for any centre pets/fish (to be taken home by a family, or one person designated to come in and feed them)
  • Put a sign on the door to advise that the centre is closed, with a phone number of who to contact for enquiries.
  • If you have a Facebook page or other social media do a post to confirm your centre is closed, but also how people can contact you if they need to.
  • Consider giving contact phone number to neighbours so they can let you know if there is any unexpected activity at the centre.
  • Have a way of coordinating with other members so that if anyone does need to go into the centre it can be done without interacting with others.
  • Designate a key contact person to liaise with centre members, regional office, and where necessary Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. This may be your President, Centre Health and Safety Officer, Privacy Officer or another reliable member.

Keeping in touch with your Playcentre community will help in dealing with potential stress and isolation during this difficult time. This could be via social media, a group email, skype/zoom catch up or using a phone tree to check in with each other every so often.

Waiho I te toipoto, kaua I te toiroa – Let us be close together, not far apart

Information for Playcentres re-opening (if closed longer than two weeks)