At Orange, actions aim to avoid exponential growth in case numbers with moderate controls in place.

Early learning services are open with staff and children on site for education and care.

Operation of services

  • All licensed early learning services are open as long as they can operate within the public health measures.
  • Licensed home-based and centre-based services can operate as normal.
  • Services are prohibited from requiring parents, caregivers and whānau to be vaccinated to access licensed early learning services, unless they are covered by the vaccination mandate which Playcentre being a licensed ECE is.

Access on site

  • No restrictions on access – all staff, volunteers, parents and visitors can be on site.
  • Face coverings are encouraged for parents/caregivers and visitors when on site e.g. drop-off and pick up, to settle a child, or to view a service.
  • Parents/caregivers and visitors are encouraged to maintain 1m distancing from other adults if they are going on site.
  • Consider limiting events.
  • Consider limiting non-essential visitors on site.


  • If My Vaccine Pass is used – no restriction on numbers. Please note that your licensing capacity still applies.
  • If My Vaccine Pass is not used – up to 50 people, based on 1m distancing. Please note that your licensing capacity still applies.


Children/tamariki should have separate food containers and should not give or take food to/ from each other. Food can be supplied in accordance with public health guidance.


  • Any excursions will need to meet the wider public health measures.
  • As normal a risk assessment must be undertaken ahead of the excursion being approved by the person responsible.


You should have a cleaning schedule for regular cleaning of high touch surfaces, linen and sleep furniture, toys and resources.

Ministry licensing activity

  • Any required on site licensing activity can take place.
  • Facing coverings should be worn by Ministry staff and 1m distance should be kept from other adults. Only fully vaccinated Ministry staff will be able to go on site.

Support services and agencies on site

  • Includes Ministry of Education, Education Review Office, Health staff Police, Fire etc
  • There are no restrictions, but staff must be captured in a visitor register or other system, to support contact tracing.
    They must also meet any other health requirements applicable at the time.
  • Learning support services continue.


Usual funding rules apply.

Operation of playgroups

  • Certified playgroups can only open with Vaccine Passes.
  • For certified playgroups that operate at or for an education service then evidence of vaccination is required for those parents attending.