Playcentre Education Face to Face

Last updated 02 Feb 2022

At Red Setting 

Vaccinations for Playcentre Sessions 

All Playcentre Education students are required to attend Playcentre sessions as part of the certificate practicum.  To do so, all students must meet the current Government vaccine mandate for Playcentre.  

Remote learning options 

Where possible, Playcentre Education and PLD will endeavour to provide remote learning opportunities (via iQualify or webinars) for those who are unable or unwilling to attend face-to-face workshops.   

Current Playcentre Education students will be notified of which assessment tasks may be able to be completed with tamariki at home or in informal Playcentre gatherings if attendance at the Playcentre is not possible due to local COVID restrictions.   


Some workshops may have limited capacity and/or physical distancing requirements depending on venue size and the current local community transmission levels.  Student Support Coordinators will notify students as needed. 

Students must book before a workshop and not just ‘turn-up’ (please cancel and advise via the booking system or by email if you are not coming.)  This will help us to keep track of attendance for contract tracing purposes.  

Only fully vaccinated participants may attend face-to-face workshops in Red. Tutors will scan all MyVaccine Passes on entry. 

On arrival, participants must also scan the venue QR code or sign in manually.  

Face masks are mandatory in workshops.  Tutors may facilitate without face coverings however must maintain 2m distancing if they do so. 

 At Orange Setting  

As above however MyVaccine Passes may not necessarily be scanned depending on workshop numbers and face masks are encouraged but not mandatory.  

General conditions: 

  • Physical distancing – you are encouraged to maintain physical distancing of one metre including when entering and exiting the venue and during the workshop or a break. 
  • Remain at home if you are sick, have any COVID19 symptoms, are in isolation, or are awaiting COVID-19 test. 
  • Disinfect and clean any surfaces or items that are likely to come into contact with different students as per the centre cleaning protocol. For example, desks, door handles, etc. Cleaning will need to be a shared (students and tutor) responsibility. 
  • Children at Workshops – On session availability will be listed on BookWhen.  Seek prior consent from the Student Support Coordinator for other workshops – it may be appropriate to allow a baby to attend but the parent will need to bring their own toys and baby items etc to take home for cleaning, or complete the centre cleaning protocol for all items used at centre.   
  • If there are discrepancies between workshop COVID requirements and ECE requirements, the more stringent requirement will apply.  For example, at Red all workshop participants must wear masks if a workshop is held on session.