PLD for staff

It is great to hear that many staff and our whānau are making great use of their bubble life not just to stay connected with Playcentre but also to keep learning at home.

PLD is provided for your own interest and learning.  There are no qualifications or credit attached it, just the joy of learning something new and having in-depth kōrero with other parents and educators.  There are separate streams for centre whānau and employed Playcentre staff.  To date we have had 180 people finish or currently participating, and we’ve tweaked a few things along the way to better cater for participants.  We’re now ready to open for registrations across Aotearoa. 

With all centres currently closed, PLD facilitators are exploring other ways of bringing our learning-focused centre and leadership programmes to you in an online format.  With the exception of the He Māpuna te Tamaiti programme, other online PLD will be offered regionally.  Keep an eye out for centre emails from your regional PLD facilitators over the coming weeks about what options are headed your way this term. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact Kara Daly, PLD Director, at [email protected]