Staff update 25 March 2020

As per the government direction, all personnel should not be going into work (centres or offices) as from Wed 25th March, at the latest. 

All personnel who have regular contracted hours will continue to be paid for those hours during this lockdown. 

Where possible, people should do as much of their work as they can from home.  However we recognise that some things cannot be done from home, and that there may be less work able to be done due to the situation. This is a great opportunity to catch up on some tasks, and to look at possible online PLD options in your work area. Communicate with your manager if you are unsure on what types of things you could be doing or looking into.

We know you will be juggling home and family responsibilities as well as work so flexibility will be key for us all.

For staff that do not work in school holidays

We are keeping the partial close-down period the same as was previously planned (school holidays) to help maintain consistency and to be in line with what you would have been expecting prior to the COVID-19 lockdown.

For the period between now and the 10th April:  Confirm your usual hours in Timefiler. If you had previously applied for leave during this period it is being cancelled/removed as we are on lockdown. You will be paid as normal (on the 1st April and the 15th April)

For the period between the 13th April and the 24th April: This is the period when we would usually have the partial close-down, and so you would be on Annual Leave or Leave without Pay. This will stay the same. If you wish to take Annual Leave during this period you would need to request it in Timefiler and have it approved by your manager, otherwise you would enter Leave Without Pay.

For staff that usually work during the school holidays

If you would usually have been rostered to work during the school holidays for one or more of your jobs, a timesheet showing your rostered hours will be created for you for the 13th – 24th April period. Please check these closely to ensure only the hours for roles that work during the holidays are shown.

You will complete and submit your timesheets in Timefiler as you would usually do, with your regular contracted hours. And will be paid on the usual pay dates.

For all staff

As usual, if one of the public holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day) would be an otherwise working day for you – whether it falls in school holidays, the partial closedown period, or the lockdown period, you will be paid for your usual hours on that day.

Timesheet close-off before Easter  

The close-off period for submitting Timesheets for the pay run on the 15 April will need to be brought forward due to the Easter holiday – this will likely be early in the day on Thursday 9th April – but your manager will confirm the times with you.

As many of you will be aware the government has made a wage subsidy available to organisations. This is only available where organisations would be struggling to pay their  employees due to a significant (30% or more) decrease in funding.

As Playcentre will continue to receive its standard bulkfunding we will not be eligible for the wage subsidy. However, we expect to continue paying all employees their usual wages. 

Workplace support is available during this time. To learn more click here

Tips for working from home are available here