Tips for working from home

Last updated 23 March 2020

Tips for working from your home

We acknowledge that working from home can be quite difficult, so be sensible about the barriers to achieving what you normally do in a day. And remember, be kind to yourself.

For those of us who are able to work from home, it is really important that we work out how we can do this. Talk this through with your family and housemates. You might need to negotiate shared usage. Do what you can – we do appreciate your efforts.

  • Look at your home arrangements and decide where you can set up a work zone. That will help you to organise your equipment – and your thoughts.
  • Where possible, you can take home your usual work equipment – do remember to keep all information confidential.
  • Dress in work gear. This will also help differentiate between work time and home time.
  • Decide your start and end times and factor in your breaks.
  • Try to maintain your normal working rhythms as much as possible.
  • Set up regular calls/Zoom meetings with your team members and other colleagues to keep you all together and up to date with latest information. You will also be able to problem solve and support each other professionally – and as friends.
  • It is crucial you regularly keep up to date with all the official Playcentre messages via our website, Facebook and emails.
  • Call your manager if you need advice or are struggling to work in isolation.
  • EAP is there for you and your whānau. Please make use of this valuable service if you need to.

We acknowledge that it may not be easy to work from home – particularly for those of you who live with a number of family members or other people. It can be quite normal to feel some anxiety about getting all your work done. Again, we emphasise that you should accept there will be limitations in such cases, talk to your manager, and above all take care of yourself.