Update 18 May 2020

Tēnā koutou katoa

Welcome back to our Playcentre whānau.  Like many of you going back into your Centres,  those of us at our national offices at Mana observed our tikanga Māori protocol to reclaim our space after almost two months at home. It was quite special to sing waiata and share some kai after so much time apart. 

The week was off to an early start for me with an interview on Morning Report, following the Minister of Education.  It was good to hear Chris Hipkins acknowledge our parlous state of funding. He also has said that the Government wants to see Playcentre survive and thrive into the future, and they will talk to us about how they can do a better job of supporting us. Disappointingly however, we have already heard that, and our expectations after working with Ministry of Education officials on the Budget bid were that our funding issues would be addressed in this Budget. There are still other avenues to be pursued and we will be doing so actively.

We are currently looking at our overheads and other costs which we will be sharing with you shortly so that everyone can understand all the demands on our limited funding.

If a Playcentre member’s First Aid Certificate expired on or after 1 Feb 2020, it will be recognised as still valid for the purpose of meeting licensing criteria for three months (until 24 July 2020). You will find a really  useful resource of for use where a First Aider requires an extension to their certificate.

Click here to access

The Ministry of Education is requiring that you complete daily attendance records for your children via SurveyMonkey until this Friday, May 22.

Daily COVID Check In for Early Learning Services and Schools – Survey Monkey
If you have questions about SurveyMonkey, contact [email protected].

Weekly records from Monday 25 May
Starting Monday 25 May, daily records will be replaced with weekly records via your Student Management System (SMS) or ELI Web. This will be much easier – you just need to record attendance in your SMS or ELI Web as you usually would and the data will automatically be sent to us. Please complete these weekly attendance records at the end of each working week (ie each Friday, or each Sunday if you work on weekends). 
This weekly data collection is likely to continue to be required until the end of Alert Level 1: If you have questions about entering attendance data in your SMS, please contact your SMS provider. If you have questions about entering attendance data in ELI Web, please contact [email protected].

Ka kite anō au i a koutou.

Sean McKinley