Update 3 November 2021

3 November 2021


We are acutely aware that the recent Government announcements around vaccine mandates have been concerning for both our staff and volunteers. We have been engaging with MoE to seek the clarity that we all need on these matters but at this point we are still waiting for answers to many of the questions we have asked. We are also seeking legal advice to further clarify questions raised.

Thank you for providing such constructive feedback through the COVID-19 feedback form. Each question is valuable as we navigate this situation.


We have added the following questions to the Frequently Asked Question Bank:

Who does the vaccination requirements apply to at Playcentre?

The requirements cover all staff and volunteers onsite while children are attending, including those contributing to group supervision requirements and parents attending general or infant sessions (ie Space or Babies Can Play) with their children.

Does the mandate include Infant programme participants ie. Space and Babies Can Play?

Yes, the vaccine mandate applies to parents and Space participants who are attending sessions at a Playcentre.

What if people can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons?

If someone has a particular physical or other need that a suitably qualified health practitioner (in the course of examing the person) determines would make it inappropriate for the person to be vaccinated, that person will be exempt, and they can carry out work without being vaccinated. We expect the number of people who are exempted from the vaccination requirement to be very low, as the Pfizer vaccine has proven to be safe for the very large majority of people.

The worker or volunteer must provide us with a copy of their exemption by 15 November through the vaccine survey. We will then work with the affected person to determine the duties that they can safety undertake which does not compromise their safety, or the safety of children or the greater community.

Frequently Asked Question bank

If you have a question or would like clarity on a specific point, please feed this through the COVID-19 feedback form available here:

COVID-19 related feedback form


Under the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 (the Order) Playcentre Aotearoa are required to maintain an up-to-date register with the Covid-19 vaccination status of all staff, volunteers or unpaid workers, parents and infant programme participants who are likely to come into contact with young tamariki. The Government requires you to have received your first COVID-19 vaccination by 15 November 2021 and to be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022 in order for you to be allowed to work or volunteer onsite. 

Playcentre Aotearoa are collecting and managing this information at a National Level. Centres are not required to hold a register, or ask other members about their vaccination status. This allows you to focus on your tamariki and your whānau at your centre.

It is the responsibility of each individual to advise us of their vaccination status and not attend Playcentre if they do not comply. If you have not had your first vaccination on or by 15 November, you are not to attend Playcentre from that date.  Once you have had your first vaccination you can attend until 1 January 2022, by which time you will have needed to have your second vaccination. If you have not had your second vaccination on or by 1 January, you are not to attend Playcentre from that date.

The purpose of this is to enable us to know the vaccination status and to ensure we are complying with the Order, and in the case of an outbreak, respond accordingly.

The information will be kept confidential following the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020. This information can be found here.

We are collecting this information through a Google form survey. This will be sent out to centres members individual email addresses on Thursday 4 November. A link to the survey will also be available on our website in the COVID-19 area under the vaccine mandate section.

We maintain a secure environment for the protection of all personal information we hold and use appropriate security safeguards to protect information from loss, unauthorised access, use, or disclosure. Only authorised staff will have access to the Vaccination Register, and access to the information in the Vaccination Register will only be for authorised purposes.

Naturally we want to see all our staff and volunteers meeting the Government requirements to be able to work or volunteer onsite. If you are not already vaccinated, vaccinations can be booked through Book my Vaccine.

We appreciate your support in this matter and in keeping our community safe.


We are creating a range of signage and infographics regarding the vaccine mandate to support centres.

Please feel free to provide feedback through the COVID-19 specific feedback form on any specific infographics you would find most useful.