Update 30 March 2020

As we settle down to our fifth day of self-isolation, I’m sure that many of you, like me,  are still somewhat in a state of disbelief about what has happened in recent weeks.

At times if feels as if we are in the midst of a sci-fi movie, but isn’t in interesting how quickly we can become used to this new normal.

For my part, I am self-isolating with my partner, our two dogs Rocco and Lola, and Maris our cat who I am growing increasingly allergic to – literally!

But work continues.  Every day the management team from the Mana office meets at 9am, via Zoom, to discuss latest updates from the Government, feedback from our Playcentre Regional Managers and how we can continue to maintain the Playcentre Village through these difficult and entirely unprecedented times.

This morning we held a meeting with the RMs, and education staff to check on how they and their teams are going.

Something we talked about was how working from home is going.  I do want to reiterate that during this lockdown, the most important things are you and your whānau.  Yes, we can continue to do work while we are self-isolated, but I am concerned that people working from home may have expectations that they should get through their normal work flow.  Please don’t pressure yourselves to do more than you are able in the current circumstances. This is particularly an issue for those of you who are at home with children.  I was again reminded of how challenging it is for parents in this situation when we were joined by some of the team’s small people at our meeting this morning!

We are conscious that there are vast amounts of information coming out and we don’t want people drowning in information.  However, it is very important to keep communications going, and ensure you are getting what you need to know and the resources you need.  

The good news is that our Virtual Village will soon be up and running.

Sean McKinley

A reminder that we will launch our Virtual Village on the Playcentre website this week. We will have all the latest updates and ideas about how learning for our tamariki can continue during the lockdown period.

We will send out an email when the village goes “live”.