Update 8 April 2020

Tēnā koutoa katoa

It’s our 14th day of lockdown, and this morning at our Mana office management meeting, I asked the team how the past two weeks have been for them working from home and being in self-isolation.  It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stories, with a real theme emerging of many unexpectedly positive sides, such as people getting to know their neighbours, not to mention some of the ingenious ways some children have come up with to stay in contact with their friends, while maintaining social distance.  It’s very much the embodiment of the expression – “ getting closer while staying apart”.  On another note, in a definite sign that we are indeed in unusual times, I’m aware of some real relief for families that the Prime Minister has declared the Easter Bunny (and the Tooth Fairy) as essential workers!

In a reminder too that life goes on, the Ministry of Education’s latest update for Early Childhood Education Services has information about children who may be turning 5 or 6  during the lockdown period and notes that some parents may prefer to keep their children enrolled with services for longer, rather than enrolling in school at this time.  You can find more information here.  

Ka kite anō au i a koutou.

Sean McKinley