We are acutely aware that the recent Government announcements around vaccine mandates have been concerning for both our staff and volunteers. What we do know at this point is that the Government has announced nationwide mandatory vaccination for the education workforce in order to work onsite as a means of protecting the children attending our service, protecting one another and of course protecting our broader community.

We also know that in accordance with the recently released Public Health Orders related to testing and vaccination, if you are likely to come into contact with young children the Government requires you to have received your first COVID-19 vaccination by 15 November 2021 and to be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022 in order for you to be allowed to work or volunteer onsite. Naturally, we want to see all our staff and volunteers meeting the Government requirements to be able to work or volunteer onsite. If you are not already vaccinated, vaccinations can be booked through Book my Vaccine.

Please provide us with evidence of your initial vaccination by 15 November 2021 by completing the questionnaire below. If you do not provide us with this, we will have no choice but to assume that you have not been vaccinated and as such you will be in breach of the Government Order if you attend Playcentre when children may be present.

We ask that you complete the questionnaire as soon as possible but no later than 15 November 2021.

Regarding evidence of vaccination, we would prefer a screen shot from your vaccination record at My Covid Record. However, if you are unable to obtain this we are accepting any proof that assures us of your vaccination status, including email, immunisation card, SMS from vaccine provider, or BookMyVaccine website. You will need to upload your evidence of vaccination in the questionnaire so please have this ready before you start.

Click here to fill in the Vaccination Information Questionnaire

If you have only received the first vaccination then please fill in those details and leave the second vaccination dates blank.  We will provide details of how to update your record at a later date.

If there is a medical reason why you cannot be vaccinated, you are not required to meet this mandate, however you will need to provide evidence to support an exemption. You will need written confirmation from a suitably qualified health practitioner that you have been examined and the health practitioner has determined that vaccination would be inappropriate for physical or medical reasons.

Playcentre Aotearoa is required by the Government to confidentially collect and store the test results and vaccination status of everyone who works and volunteers. Accordingly, we may need to contact you to request this information. Please let us know if you have any queries or concerns about this.  

We are not collecting this personal information without a specific need set by the Government and want to assure you that your personal data with be handled confidentially. Our Privacy Statement  outlines how we will handle any information we collect.

If you need support to understand these requirements in relation to your health, we encourage you to contact your GP, Healthline or a trusted health professional.

If you have already completed the questionnaire as an employee there is no need to complete it a second time.

This information and a link to the questionnaire will also be available on our website in the COVID-19 section.

We appreciate your support in this matter and in keeping our community safe.