16 March 2022 Update

Playcentre Aotearoa have appointed Nicola Wood as Executive Assistant and Governance Administrator, starting Monday 21 March.

As you know, Playcentre Aotearoa is a substantial national organisation with over $26m annual revenue, 400 centres, 700 staff and thousands of volunteers.  Nicola will be providing the support necessary for both the Trustee Board and Chief Executive to function effectively in an organisation of Playcentre Aotearoa’s size and nature.

Many people will have contact with Nicola in her new role, so please join me in making her feel welcome.

Ngā mihi nui me ngā mihi aroha

David Moger

Chief Executive

On Monday 14 March, all centres were sent an email titled “Survey on financial information – please pass on to your treasurer”.  This email contains a link to a survey for all centre treasurers to complete. 

We’ve had some reports of these emails going to junk or spam folders.  If you did not receive this email, please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you the link to the survey.

If you or your staff are currently booked into first aid courses, we urge you to continue with those plans as much as possible. Many first aid providers are continuing to provide courses, and some are offering courses on-line.
However, we acknowledge that some courses are being cancelled and staff may not be able to attend due to COVID-19 illnesses.
On Thursday 10 March, the Secretary for Education exercised her power under Regulation 39A(3)(g) to allow a first aid certificate that expired on or after 10 March to be considered current/valid for the purposes of first aid requirements in the licensing criteria until Friday 10 June.

This is in recognition of the difficulty in accessing first aid refresher training course requirements of HS25 for centre-based services and ngā kōhanga reo, and HS22 for home-based services.

If your centre needs support with this exemption, please contact your Regional Office.

As outlined in our 10 March update, the Ministry of Education expects Playcentres to remain open where possible under the red setting. 

The Ministry of Education has approved funding for the February to May 2022 period only at this time for sessions who decide not to open under the red setting.

Playcentres can still apply for Emergency Closure (if Person Responsible Isolating), Discretionary Days (lack of qualifications to meet Supervision Plan) or Provisional Licence, but these cannot be taken as guaranteed as these decisions still rest with Ministry of Education Local Education Managers.

If you require further information or support regarding funding for your centre, please contact your Regional Funding Administrator.

If a person has had COVID-19 and cannot receive their booster, their usual medical practitioner may apply for a temporary medical exemption on their behalf.

The Ministry of Health has now updated the process for those recently recovered from COVID-19 and seeking a temporary exemption to the booster requirement.

As outlined on the Ministry of Health website, there is no requirement for an in-person consultation with a GP; the process can be completed virtually through your medical practitioner.

A person holding a valid temporary medical exemption can continue attending Playcentre.

The Ministry of Health recommendation on the timeframe to wait for a booster after infection with COVID-19 has also been clarified on this site.

The COVID-19 information and guidance previously housed on the main Ministry of Education website has been moved to the Te Mahau website.
Pages related to COVID-19 on the Ministry’s main site will be automatically redirected to the COVID-19 landing page on the Te Mahau website.

If you have feedback on this update, please contact us at [email protected]z