Frequently Asked Question Bank

We have created a frequently asked questions bank specifically for the vaccine mandate. We are working with the Ministry of Education and will be continually adding more information as it becomes available. 

If you have questions that you would like included please send them through to us via our COVID-19 feedback form available here

COVID-19 Protection Framework

Does the COVID-19 Protection Framework replace alert levels?

Can parent-led services open at the Red setting?

Who can attend at the Red setting?

Can children attend more than one service at the Red setting?

What are the new distancing recommendations?

Do we need to wear face coverings?

Vaccine mandate

Does mandatory vaccination apply to Playcentre?

Does this mandate include Playgroups and infant programmes (Space and Babies Can Play eg.)?

What do we do if a person shows up at centre after the 15 November and says they haven't had their first vaccination?

Do the vaccination requirements apply to excursions or education in similar settings?

If parents are unvaccinated, does that automatically exclude their children too?

Are we able to drop off and collect our child without being vaccinated and what is the appropriate settle time?

Can a staff member or volunteer choose not to be vaccinated, but to undergo regular testing instead?

What if a staff member or volunteer initially refused to get vaccinated, but changes their mind before 1 January 2022?

What does fully vaccinated mean?

Vaccine mandate exemptions

If a Playcentre member and their child is no longer attending due to the vaccine mandate can this person still attend meetings and be involved in decision-making?

How will centre’s know who is fully vaccinated after 1 January 2022?

How will centres manage if/when there is a Covid case in their community?


Are non-vaccinated visitors allowed onsite?

What evidence is acceptable to sight for visitors?

Playcentre education ākonga

I have chosen not to vaccinate but would like to finish my current module/ the certificate. Am I able to continue?

Would I be able to continue study with another provider?

If I change my mind and decide to get vaccinated in the future, am I able to continue?

Do I need to provide proof of vaccination? How do I do so?

Centre hireage

What is the Hire process?

What is a Vaccine Mandated or Fully Vaccinated Group or Individual? What information is required to hire out a Centre in this situation?

What is an Open Hire Group? What information is required to hire out a Centre in this situation?

Do we need to know the vaccination status of those hiring the centre?

Do we have to hire out our centre? What about current hires?

What do we need to do if we have existing hires or hires already booked and the paperwork has been filled out and signed already?

Why do mandated groups and individuals need to provide so much additional paperwork? Can they decide to just pay a cleaning fee instead?

Can we hire out our building if it is located on school grounds or other properties where licensed children/child education or care is provided?

Our group are all vaccinated can we hire out a Playcentre and what do we need to do?

Can centre have the people effected by the mandate hold a play session on a non-licensed session day?

Can we hold social events outside of our licensed hours ie. Christmas functions, whānau days?


Do cleaners that come in after hours need to be vaccinated?

Can a Centre Member be paid to undertake cleaning as part of hiring the centre to a third party?

Do cleaners that come in outside of session hours need to be vaccinated?

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

What is “best practice” to clean and disinfect in relation to Covid-19?

What products can be used to disinfect?

Can I use a product that claims to clean and disinfect at the same time?

What is the difference between household grade disinfectant and hospital grade disinfectant?

Which areas should be cleaned and disinfected, and how often?

What is meant by a frequently touched surface?

How do I use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals safely?

Do I need to wear protective equipment when cleaning?

What if a known case of COVID-19 has been in the building?

How should soft or porous surfaces be cleaned?

Are there any cleaning methods I shouldn’t use?

Is ‘fogging’ an effective disinfectant method?

Is a sanitiser a disinfectant?

Does heating or freezing kill the virus?

Can I make my own disinfectant?

Will an antibacterial product kill COVID-19?

Can I use the same disinfecting wipe on multiple surfaces?