Our Publications

The Playcentre Journal magazine puts the spotlight on early childhood education, Playcentre life, and parenting. It is a fun, practical, full-colour glossy magazine, published by Playcentre Aotearoa three times a year.

Every Playcentre Journal contains informative articles on issues designed to be both inspirational and aspirational. It features articles from Playcentre and early childhood experts, as well as play ideas, projects, book reviews and photographs from across Aotearoa. Each edition focuses on aspects of early childhood from whānau level through to national developments.

The Playcentre Journal is available to purchase from the Playcentre Shop. It is $5 per issue (including shipping) and will be available on pre-order. You can purchase them as an individual member by credit card or centres can choose to be invoiced – you would need to select ‘pre-approved account’ in the payment section of the online shop.

The Playcentre Journal welcomes editorial contributions anytime throughout the year. Deadlines are January 1, May 1 and September 1 each year. Submissions can be sent direct to the Editor at [email protected]

The National Library hosts the index of past Playcentre Journal editions. To search the index, please visit here.