COVID-19 Update - 23 February 2022

Update February 23 2022

COVID-19 Update 

23 February 2022

Message from the Trustee Board

Your Trustees continue to work through planning for House Hui, currently scheduled for 1st April.  We will be meeting again at the end of the month and you will hear from us again following this meeting.  We recognise that the usual time frames for hui papers will no longer be achievable, and we appreciate your patience while we work towards a plan that will support an effective and successful Hui. 

We have updated our website to include a “COVID-19 news and resources” banner at the very top of the Playcentre homepage to make it easier for you to access the COVID-19 information you require

We have updated the COVID-19 signage for centres on our website. 

This includes signage that can be placed on your gate or entranceways, drop-off signage, guidance if an unvaccinated member is at Playcentre, information about the vaccination order for Early Learning Services and social media posts that you are welcome to put on your own centre pages.

We are working on some additional guidance and signage for welcoming visitors to Playcentre and these documents will be added soon.

The Ministry of Education is constantly refining their processes for managing COVID-19 cases in early childhood education services. 

For information on “Managing COVID-19 cases in your centre” please refer to the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Bank on our website.

Questions answered include:

  • What do centres need to do if they have a positive case at their centre?
  • Does our centre need to close if a case has been identified at our centre?
  • What are centres required to do for contact tracing?
  • What is the self-isolation period for close contacts?
  • What is the Contact Tracing Upload Tool (CTUT)?
  • When can centre members return to Playcentre after isolation?
  • What cleaning process do centres need to undertake after a positive case of COVID-19 has been in the building?
  • What to do if our Centre is contacted by the media?
  • What financial support is available for whānau experiencing hardship?
  • What support is available for self-isolating households?

Note:We take our information and guidance from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health only under Phase 2 red settings, and not any other organisation.

As outlined in our 17 February COVID-19 update, generally we are not anticipating Playcentres will need to access the Close Contact Exemption Scheme for staff.  Therefore, Playcentre will not currently be eligible to access supplies of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs).

We are working with the Ministry of Education to get clarification on how funding will be managed for Playcentres under the red setting as our situation is unique in the Early Childhood Education sector.  We will keep you informed as this work progresses.

We recommend you regularly review the expiry dates for First Aid certificates to ensure you have booked courses in plenty of time in case of unforeseen circumstances at your service.

First Aid providers are still offering courses that can be done online.

At present, the usual rules around first aid requirements apply. That is, a person cannot be counted as First Aid-qualified once their certificate has expired.