Nathan Wallis

Nathan Wallis, neuroscience educator provides advice on children’s needs during these unpredictable times.


Tips from Nathan Wallis (31 March 2020)

I have had so many questions come in around easing stress with toddlers during this difficult time at home.
Now more than ever face to face time is really important to not only help your child’s development but to support them to stay calm and happy, ensuring they feel secure, loved and connected.

Below are 5 easy actions to help ease little one’s anxiety during this time.

  • Make sure you’re the source of information around Covid-19 – being the filter and ensuring positivity has a direct impact on their anxiety levels. When you’re calm and happy they are more likely to be so too.
  • Enjoy child directed play, letting them fully direct the play for at least 10 minutes each day. This helps them to feel empowered and important during this time of uncertainty.
  • Bake together or get them helping with meal preparation. The more they are included in preparing the food you give them the more they are likely to be interested in eating it (yes this applies to their greens too)
  • Include them at the bench, even if it is simple bubble play in the sink. This adds up to hours and hours of increased face to face time and the more of this your child experiences with you, the better their outcomes later in life.
  • Turn your pram around (if possible) when out getting fresh air. If your child is facing you, you can talk with them during your walk. This is all about increasing face to face time.
    Stay safe everyone.


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