Education for Adults

Education for adults too….

Because our learning journey is never over, we encourage parents to take part in the excellent educational opportunities available through Playcentre.

This is where you get to upskill, take part in workshops, first aid training and an accredited NZQA education programme that leads to the NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care.
Our NZQA programme provided for adults within Playcentre supports the informal learning taking place in a centre, leading to an expansion in parenting and early childhood education skills for anyone keen to learn.

One big advantage is that this qualification is nationally recognised both within and outside of Playcentre. This qualification provides career opportunities in the early childhood sector.

You are welcome to do the education programme at your own pace. The programme is free and you are supported to complete them.

This gives you a unique opportunity to learn from each other when attending days at your centre and creates lasting friendships and connections through attending workshops together.

There are a range of workshops which cover a variety of topic areas like:
– How to enrich children’s play
– Learn about early childhood socio-cultural theories
– Workshops on how to use resources to support children’s play ie. sensory play, messy play and water play.
– An introduction to te reo Māori
– Learn different ways to develop positive relationships with infants, toddlers and young children

Congratulations if you already have attained Early Childhood Education qualifications. There is recognition of prior learning and you might not need to attend all the workshops. Please contact your Regional Education Co-ordinator to further discuss your options.


Playcentre Education is our own Private Training Establishment and their most recent NZQA rating is given below.

Playcentre Education, Private Training Establishment (PTE) #8809  is a Category 3 tertiary education provider delivering the NZQA accredited New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 4) to domestic students.

You can read NZQA’s 2021 External Evaluation Review (EER) here.

The EER recommends some actions for Playcentre Education, PTE to do to better meet our requirements to operate as a PTE with a proud tradition in adult education.    

For more information download our Playcentre Education Fact Sheet

What others are saying

“I enjoyed the free workshops which they have. I’ve learnt infant and child development, positive guidance, first aid, te reo, music workshops, messy play workshops, speech language workshops. And all free!! These were great workshops learning about my children and how to support their growth”. 

- Sonya