Volunteer of the Month 2023

February 2023

Eleanor Kane from Kelburn Playcentre

Eleanor is a regular mum to two children aged four and two who both attend Playcentre.

But that’s where the regular part of Eleanor stops. Eleanor goes above and beyond for our centre in a way so many will never know about. She is the first point of call for EVERYONE whether it was falls in her basket as co president or not. 

After just one year at Playcentre Eleanor agreed to take on the roll of sole President at a large Playcentre just in time to deal with everything COVID had to throw at us. She come out on top. 

Eleanor works tirelessly, ensuring that all of the behind the scenes policy work and essential centre administration ticks over keeping our centre working. As a full time mum she fits this in where ever she can, regularly working late into the night. She then turns up at least three days a week with a smile on her face and a positive attitude for all those around her. 

As a person responsible she has also worked over time to cover others when needed, and to shuffle her family life around when needed to be there for us to run sessions. 

Eleanor is a superstar, and we are so grateful and lucky to have her as part of the Playcentre whānau in Kelburn.