Can I do the PIA and PEA modules in any order?
The PIA (Playcentre Introductory Award) has two modules B401 and B402. It is OK to do either of these two modules first and the other as your second module. If you want to start and B402 is the next one available in your area – book in, go and enjoy and then when B401 is being offered somewhere that you can join, then do B401. We will make sure enrolment packs for new students are available at both B401 and B402 so that you can start at either.

Some learning in the PIA is a foundation to the PEA (Parent Educator Award) so you do need to complete the PIA before moving on to the PEA. This also gives you a PIA to contribute to licensing in your centre. Again there are two modules in the PEA: B403 and B404, and it does not matter in which order you attend and complete these two modules.
Achieving a PIA or PEA does not make your Course 2 or Course 3 invalid in any way – It means you have both and can use either for licensing until the MOE date for us to use only the new qualifications on a Playcentre licence.

Are the C-series assessments going to be harder than those in the PIA or PEA?
No – the C-series modules are at same level as the PIA and PEA B-series modules. All the modules are at level 4 and similar to the level for Course 3. They do not get increasingly more difficult as you progress within this programme and are like Course 3 not like Course 4.

Developments well underway
Progress is being made to have the C-series modules ready for delivery.
We are pleased to let you know that online options are also being developed. We have contracted expertise in this mode of delivery to adapt modules to make best practice online delivery available.