Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about Playcentre Awareness Week. We have seen you take up the promotional material we provided and spread it around your communities and throughout social media. We have seen Playcentre Awareness Week featured in many local newspapers and online. We have seen you enter our competitions and utilise the Facebook frame.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing Playcentre and the Future Campaign promoted at a National level. Advertisements featured on Stuff, NZ Herald, Neighbourly, Eventfinda, Tots to Teens and My Kids Village. While this promoted Playcentre Awareness Week, it also highlighted who we are and what we do. We raised awareness that Playcentre is a good -and for some people the perfect- ECE option.

More people visited the Playcentre website in the last month, than in any month ever before. Similarly, enquiries via the website from potential members requesting more information have greatly increased. It’s still early days, but let’s hope this continues.

Whether or not people managed to visit us during PAW the seed is planted, and we welcome a visit from future families at any time.

As the Future Campaign has been so successfully received and from the feedback provided, we will be continuing the Future Campaign on the website (without the reference to PAW) and providing you with graphics that you are welcome to use.