While there has been a gap of reviewing and updating policies in the last wee while we are getting back on the horse! This is going to involve some intensive bulk reviewing to get us back on schedule. I promise this will not become the regular process!
Please note that we will update any relevant procedures at the same time as the Policy.
Updated Policies will be advised in the next Bulletin.

So, choose a policy from the list below one that interests you and/or your centre whānau; look through it, and send your feedback in via the website available here.

  • Curriculum
  • Enrolment and Attendance
  • Positive Guidance
  • Health & Safety

Thank you to all those who have done this already – he whetu koutou!

Updated Policies or Procedures in July 2021

  • Finance Policy
  • Employment Policy and Procedure
  • Property Policy, Procedures and all related documents
  • Branding Procedure
  • Branded Merchandise Procedure
  • Signage Procedures

For details on what has been updated please click on the overview below available in Policies and Procedures Resources here.

Many thanks, Ruth J