Future TV Chef

When children role-play, they re-enact everyday activities such as cooking or baking.

One of the greatest benefits of engaging in play-based activities for children is the opportunity for simulating what they see their parents or guardians doing at home, as well as language development.

Kitchen activities overlap into science, art, growing and building.

Children express their ideas and opinions and build on their vocabulary of descriptive words as they explain what they are creating, or what they would like to create.

Playcentre resources can include

Cooking pots
Cooking utensils
Plastic or wooden fruit and vegetables

Items for washing dishes
Familiar role-themed costumes, e.g. chef hats and aprons
Tea set and cutlery


“It’s our village. Lifelong friendships and support for our whole family. Endless fun and learning opportunities for all of us”.

- Rachel

“It is a great way for you and your child to socialise and to learn through play and be a part of the community”.

- Nicola