Playcentre Aotearoa’s Communications and Media Policy


Playcentre Aotearoa relies on the open flow of information, communication and conversation within and across our Playcentre communities in order to operate successfully.

We promote and expect positive behaviour interactions in our communications amongst our Playcentre people and we live our Playcentre philosophy in doing so.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Guide our open and honest two-way communications
  • Highlight the consequences of inappropriate communication and use of media
  • Comply with required education and early childhood service regulations, privacy legislation and other applicable legislation

Encourage Open Communications

We encourage involvement, ideas and information sharing as well as open consultation as part of our decision making. In all aspects of communication (written, digital or spoken) and all situations, no matter how passionate people become or how controversial the topic is, we are kind and take a positive approach. We use language that is polite, moderate, relevant to the situation and constructive. Our Values and Code of Conduct endorses this.

Examples of communication channels are:

  • Formal communications where information is shared, consultation occurs and decisions are made: Playcentre Journal, monthly newsletters, email and noticeboard notices, website, regular operational meetings, and the Annual General Meeting
  • Informal communication where ideas are shared and questions are asked: casual conversations during Centre sessions, at Cluster meetings and Regional offices, and on social media platforms.

We take care not to breach confidences or privacy through wrongful sharing of personal information or gossip.

We take breaches of our communication and use of media seriously. Any concerns regarding how we are communicating with each other are to be raised following our Complaints Resolution Policy and processes.

Employee related concerns may result in a disciplinary action.

At the heart of all our communications:

  • Respect: Valuing all contributions
  • Endeavour: Exercising self-control, discipline
  • Compassion: Nurturing a sense of inclusiveness, of being a community
  • Integrity: In all aspects
  • Co-operation: Sharing information, open dialogue, talking to people rather than about people
  • Aroha: Always treating everyone with respect, honour and love
  • Te Reo: Language is key for communication; all languages will be heard
  • Pono: Honest and truth in all

Guiding extracts from our Playcentre Aotearoa values

Our Use of Meetings

Coming together to meet, in any form, is valuable for Playcentre Aotearoa. We encourage good meeting practices that involve the right people given the meeting’s purpose and decisions to be made, gathering in person or virtually to progress Playcentre Aotearoa’s interests.

It is expected that our meeting practices include appropriate notice of meeting, a published agenda so everyone comes prepared to share and contribute, agreed facilitation and participation practices, and followed up with distributed or accessible minutes and actions.

We seek co-operative development of decisions and consensus as primary methods for reaching an acceptable outcome. Our decisions will put tamariki first and be centre driven. Where unavoidable we put decisions to the vote.

Our Use of Social Media and Communication Technology

We endorse the appropriate, positive and constructive use of social media channels and communication technology to connect our Playcentre communities together and into our wider communities.

Communication technology such as our Playcentre intranets, internets and social media pages (for example Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) are valuable channels of sharing and sourcing Playcentre information. Social media is an effective informal communication channel enabling easy and open two-way conversations.

However, there is the potential for significant risks associated with inappropriate use, including legal ramifications and risk to reputation. The presence of Playcentre Aotearoa on any social media channel must be managed responsibly. Any misleading or inaccurate content or content violating our Code of Conduct will be required to be deleted or amended. This requirement can be made by Centre Presidents, Regional Manager, National team members, Trustee Board members or equivalent of anyone responsible for the administration of the social media channel and of the person posting the content.

All use of communication technology must ensure

  • Any official publicly-facing Playcentre Aotearoa social media channels, including channels for Centres, that speak on behalf of Playcentre nationally, regionally or in local communities must be authorised by the National Communications Manager or equivalent and moderated by senior Playcentre employees or in the case of Centres, by the Centre President or equivalent.
  • Any internally facing Playcentre social media channels have authorised administrators and clearly set rules of constructive and positive engagement and moderate the channel accordingly. All Playcentre Aotearoa policy and required conduct stands.
  • All posts made in any social media channel on behalf of or appearing to be on behalf of Playcentre Aotearoa as an organisation are done so with the correct authority and correct messaging. If in doubt, check first.
  • The use of technology, posts or links do not contravene proprietary information and content, privacy confidentiality, brand, trademark, copyright, or appropriateness.
  • All unacceptable or inappropriate use is avoided, which would include anything that could be considered offensive, objectionable, harassing, threatening, dangerous, or illegal
  • No interference with Playcentre work and supervision of tamariki duties
  • Clarity of the message being 

Our shared undertakings –

  • Social media is about building communities. We will remember to be respectful, be helpful, and be positive. We will only write about what we know.
  • We will avoid duplication or confusion of “source of truth” content and instead direct information requests and points of clarification to the knowledge source – be it a Playcentre Aotearoa office holder in a position to comment, or to our official website or
  • Social media posts and interactions will reflect the principles and values of our Playcentre Aotearoa philosophy
  • Social media channels are currently used as a supplementary form of communication. Official Playcentre Aotearoa communications will be through email, post and official
  • Given the nature of their role, employees (even if also a member or volunteer) will avoid expressing personal opinions and views as it relates to Playcentre Aotearoa matters on social media channels where the topic is outside of their area of responsibility and/or on areas that may be or are controversial. Instead they are to guide and progress conversations respectfully with established facts and information within their areas of responsibility. They may share play and learning To be clear and to avoid conflict of interest, confusion of message or unintended consequences, employees will only comment on social media about matters they have direct responsibility for and authorisation to comment on behalf of Playcentre Aotearoa.
  • Social media is not a default, replacement or alternative channel to raise complaints. Instead, our Complaint Resolution Policy and procedures will apply.
  • Social Media is not an appropriate place to discuss any aspects related to someone’s employment or Human Resource practices
  • Any concerns regarding the use of social media are to be raised following our Complaint Resolution Policy and procedures
  • The use of social media continues to evolve, and it is expected that these undertakings may adjust to accommodate future changes in and learnings from social media

Our Use of Visual Media

We acknowledge the value, impact and pride that visuals bring to our communications and media channels. Where possible, we bring Playcentre Aotearoa and our activities to life by complementing our communication and media messages with relevant and authorised visuals originating from within our Playcentre Aotearoa environments and of our Playcentre people.

In addition to Playcentre Aotearoa logos and design graphics, visuals we use include photos, video clips, and images.

Ideally, all visuals used in and by Playcentre Aotearoa and our Centres, should have been taken by our people, in our environments, and of our activities.

Our shared undertakings –

  • We will gain all appropriate approvals directly and in the case of a visual including a child, with the child’s parent or caregiver’s express permission
  • We will use the visual for the purposes the visual is intended for and for which it has been authorised for
  • Any visuals used will authentically and positively represent the quality of our services, the diversity of our Playcentre communities, and in general uphold the essence of Playcentre Aotearoa and our brand
  • Format and quality of the visual will match the requirements of communications or media channel so to present the message clearly and Playcentre Aotearoa positively
  • We will store and dispose visual media safely and securely in order to prevent breaches of use and privacy

In the event of Public Affairs and News Media

As a well-known and well-established early childhood education provider, Playcentre Aotearoa has a public profile to uphold and nurture. We will positively manage relations with the media.

Centres are encouraged to engage with local media to promote Centre activities, excursions and fundraising. Representations in the media from a Centre level are to only relate to that Centre. Centres are encouraged to refer to resources provided by the National Communications Manager or equivalent intended to assist Centres in dealing with the media and to contact the local Regional Manager or National Communications or equivalent for advice or assistance.

From time to time, our views and opinions may be sought, or we may be asked to respond to a newsworthy event. Good judgement and consideration of Playcentre Aotearoa’s public profile will be top of mind in any local responses and in referring the media interest to a national level. Our delegations of responsibility determine any role’s responsibility when making statements to media. In all cases, refer the local Regional Manager or National Communications Manager or equivalent to determine responsibility for response. All difficult or controversial approaches or comments sought on national matters must be referred on to and handled by the local Regional Manager or National Communications Manager or equivalent.