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What do Children do at Playcentre

At Playcentre children do what they do best - PLAY! Playcentres offer endless opportunities for children to explore, create, jump, run, get messy and grow. A focus on child-led learning means that each day Playcentres offer a variety of learning and play experiences for the child to choose from.

A typical day at Playcentre would include activities like painting, playdough, playing in the sandpit or on swings, collage, baking, carpentry, dressing up and more!

Playcentre is for whānau too ...

Playcentre creates a sense of belonging as families share responsibilities and decision making.

Playcentre is fun for parents too when joining the children’s play and meeting other parents.

Relationships developed through Playcentre provide support for parents and help them develop new parenting skills.

Skills practised when contributing to self-managing a Playcentre develops adult organisational skills which later benefit the community.

The education programme provided for adults within Playcentre supports the informal learning taking place in a centre leading to an expansion in parenting and Early Childhood Education skills.

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