Welcome to our village

Our village becomes your village at Playcentre: fun and friendship for you and your children in endless experiences that last a lifetime.

Playcentre Open Week 16-20 March 2020

With over 420 Playcentres across New Zealand there is one in your neighbourhood. Bring a friend and discover your local Playcentre during Open Week.

Playcentre is unique

At Playcentre parents and whānau are the carers. Together we build a village where your whole family is connected and thrives.

Keeping families together

Mixed aged sessions for tamariki aged 0-6 years and their whānau.

Playcentre fosters friendship

“Friendships that you establish in early childhood, and the social skills that underpin those, are more of an indicator of the child’s future academic success than any of the cognitive outputs (like colours, alphabet and numbers)”. 

Neuroscience Educator, Nathan Wallis

Early childhood education

Because parents, whānau and caregivers attend Playcentre we have a high adult to child ratio. This allows Playcentre to offer a child initiated programme based on the individual child’s strengths and interests.

Future Members

Thinking of Playcentre?  You and your whānau are always welcome to visit.

Current Members

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Years Old

Playcentre Open Week – 16-20 March 2020

Playcentre fosters friendships and with over 420 Playcentres across New Zealand there is one in your neighbourhood.

So bring a friend and discover your local Playcentre during Open Week.

Good for your child…

Watch your child’s confidence grow as they explore and foster their imagination through play and interaction with other children aged 0-6. From building sandcastles to baking biscuits, painting to singing, working with wood to cutting shapes in playdough: every session will captivate your child and excite them.

…and good for you

Be involved with your child’s learning; play with them and alongside them. Encourage children to interact with others while you meet other parents and educators and become part of a fun, vibrant community where community and a sense of belonging is at the heart of everything we do.

What others are saying

“I played and learnt alongside my kids till they went to school. The friendships we made as a family are priceless. Playcentre was our village. I didn’t just watch them grow, I grew with them”.

- Julianna

“Build a village …. great way to get to know people in a new area. Awesome play and some great education so you learn alongside your child”.

- Sarah

“It’s great fun for the kids and great social time for parents. So many learning opportunities for child and parent, mum or dad or grandparent can go”.

- Danielle

“Playcentre is your family, the children make amazing friendships that last for years to come as do us as parents. And the messy play! Free play is the best!”

- Naomi

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