Phase 2 staff Induction

The Phase 2 reset of the Playcentre structure is well underway, with a high number of roles already appointed.  As part of the reset, a national management working party has developed an induction package, which is being delivered across the organisation.   The Kete Induction Programme involves 3 kete of learning, ngā kete e toru with the content being presented using a combination of kanohi ki te kanohi, online and in self-directed ways.  Reporting managers will support their kaimahi through the induction process until completion which may occur over a number of months.

The Kete Induction Programme covers foundation, strategic direction, leadership, roles and responsibilities and other information to equip kaimahi with skills and knowledge to enable success in their roles.

During March & April, a team of national managers delivered ‘Kete tuatahi’ of the Induction Programme to all our Regional offices. It was a pleasure travelling around the motu meeting our staff kanohi ki te kanohi and we genuinely appreciated the warm welcome by each region. The second round of Induction hui for our Centre Advisors are now underway. We are working on a timeline that will outline the plan for delivery of training for all staff, some of which has already happened, so we will clarify what the overall plan looks like.

In the meantime, we look forward to continuing the mahi and building a strong, centre focused, forward facing Whānau Tupu Ngātahi Playcentre Aotearoa team.